Good news! I got impatient at the wait until we could email the adoption agency again so decided to email them anyway! The social worker is coming out in 2 weeks time to see us and hopefully start the ball rolling. And just in case she doesn’t start the ballon rolling officially we contacted another adoption agency and have started talking to them too. Next year is THE year – with one adoption agency or another, this time next year there should be a small person or 2 in our home.

The second agency was actually quite interesting to talk to, she talked more about Foster to adopt and made me look at it a way I hadn’t before. I’d been so worried that we would go that route, fall in love with a small person and then loose them that I had al;most written off that idea. But there has to be a high percentage of belief that the child will be put into the adoption system before they go that path. The woman explained the advantage of them ‘foster’ side and I have to say I’m liking it. I’ve already been wondering how I would tackle the ‘what’s my birth mum like’ questions as I dont believe we would know much about the birth parents, the ‘advantage’ of foster to adopt is you normally meet the parents, they have supervised visits. I like the idea of being able to tell my children that I met their birth parents and could see what they have inherited from them – be it a beautiful smile or something else. To be able to tell my children something about their time together sounds good. I may not be able to plug many gaps for my child/children but I’d like to be able to grab any chance no matter how small to give them something – even though I’m sure it will break my heart in the process. I hope the birth mother would see it the same sort of way, a small chink of relief to know who is looking after their baby.

I must confess I’ve been shopping for small people. I haven’t bought much, its a little difficult when you aren’t going the conventional ways so dont know what age your family will be when its complete. But I like to think I’ve made a couple of purchases that will be ok. The most important is an adoption book – one that I can document all the firsts in like you would in a baby book but it also covers from now until adoption, so its a record our children can keep to see how loved they were before they even joined us. I also bought a wooden stacking animal game and a little bag you put letters to Father Christmas in, both are gender neutral and can be grown into or used straight away.

Roll on 23rd July, I have a good feeling about the social worker visit, fingers crossed she brings the paperwork to officially declare our interest and start the visits/training/assessments


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